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It Pays to Improve your Wordprocessing Power

It Pays to Improve your Wordprocessing Power


09:30 - 13:00


Royal Over-Seas League
Royal Over-Seas League, Edinburgh, EH2 3AB

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Learn to harness Microsoft Word’s full potential

With ScotNet’s resident Word wizard Kay McBurney

Kay McBurney has been working as a translator since the dictaphone and golfball typewriter era. She started her professional career at Nixdorf Computer AG in Germany, where
she learned to use a dedicated Wang word processing system to post-edit machine-translated user manuals. Following a short stint at an agency in England, in the early nineties she turned freelance and returned to Scotland the proud owner of an early Dell PC running Word and WordPerfect for DOS. Shortly afterwards she upgraded to Word for Windows and has never looked back.
As an early adopter of all things computer-related, as well as running a couple of word processing workshops for the ITI Scottish and German networks, Kay served as a tutor on some of the first ITI computer courses for translators and has also been a guest tutor for translation memory software at Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh University. Over her 5-year tenure as Convenor, she also organized a wide variety of CPD events for ITI ScotNet. Kay translates from German into English, in recent years specializing in high-end corporate communications and sustainability issues.

It pays to improve your Word processing power: learn to harness MS Word’s full potential

  • Ever struggled trying to replicate the layout of a scanned document or lick a pdf conversion into shape?
  • Like to learn how to harness Word’s features such as tables and the quick access toolbar so you can spend less time worrying about formatting and more time thinking about your actual translation?

ScotNet’s resident Word Wizard Kay McBurney will share tips and techniques to help you save time and effort – and increase your productivity – when using Microsoft Word in your everyday translation practice. Kay will even attempt to enlighten us on the things we don’t know we don’t know (and in true Wizard fashion, she might even have a couple of extra tips and tricks up her sleeve for that one!). Note: Tips and techniques will be demonstrated using Microsoft Word 2010 but the same or similar features should be available on all versions from Word 2007 onwards.

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