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Summer Workshop 2021: Translating Scotland’s Heritage

As we emerge from the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Summer Workshop 2021 has taken a different form to the usual weekend away in a corner of the country far removed from the usual haunts of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Our workshop was divded into three parts:

  • a Saturday-morning Zoom meeting featuring a presentation and a panel discussion,
  • Saturday-afternoon excursions in small groups to local heritage sites to investigate translation matters
  • a Thursday-evening Zoom meeting to report back our findings and share experiences of translating Scotland's heritage

Parts 1 and 3 were recorded, and are available to be watched again here.

Part 1: Presentation by Pauline Côme

Pauline Côme talks about Translating Heritage

Part 1: Panel Discussion

Part 3: Presentation of local groups' findings

The local groups presented their findings on Thursday, 26 August 2021, in a Zoom meeting. The playlist below contains the presentations in order.

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