The Scottish Network of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting

ITI Scottish Network Newsletter | November 2020

Getting to know you

Full disclosure – when I wrote my last editorial, I didn’t imagine that we’d still be staying out of one another’s houses and away from the pub, even if it was clear that hand sanitiser and masks were here to stay. But I was often wondering what we’d have done to stay in touch if Skype and Zoom hadn’t been on the scene – even the humble phone conversation has taken on a meaningful new dimension in this strange era.

I’m immensely thankful that these technological marvels have maintained a lifeline for ScotNet events and finding out more about its members through new ideas like the Show and Tell events. This issue of the newsletter continues on that theme, providing insights into what ScotNetters have been up to in their free time – Kathleen’s creative hobbies (and wedding!), Nicki’s monk’s bench and my own adventure in Finnish – and new work-related experiences, like Maria’s literary translation course and Aleksandra’s impressions of her first ScotNet event.

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of the lives of ScotNetters. (Anyone up for designing a ScotNet logo mask?!)
Siobhan ♦

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