The Scottish Network of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting

ITI Scottish Network Newsletter February 2023

I’ve said here before that I’m a fan of the sense of promise that a new year brings and I cling relentlessly to the tradition of new year’s resolutions (although last year’s time management workshop did its part to persuade me that turning over a new leaf doesn’t necessarily have to start on 1 January, or even a Monday).

Quite a few elements of this issue are shiny and new too, not least a couple of our contributors: we’re delighted to hear from Sue, who tells us all about the extremely popular and well-received autumn workshop from last year, and from Lisa, who gives an insight into changing to a career in translation – a recent development for her. The AGM also brought a new committee line-up (including a new Convenor), and you can read all about the details of the meeting – and accompanying food – in the report by Mike and me. Mike also features in the latest of our interviews with committee members, in which he tells us about himself and getting involved in ScotNet.

So whether you’re new here (in which case, welcome!) or a ScotNet stalwart, I hope you enjoy this latest issue.


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